ECTA TelyHike 2007 - Official Opening of the Sugarloaf Path
October 20, 2007    
  • Members of the Hiking and Adventure team gather for a pre-hike photo.
  • Hikers file up the trail from the Logy Bay trailhead at the Ocean Sciences Centre. About 150 hiked the full path from this point; another 50 started in Quidi Vidi and finished here.
  • Heading for Sugarloaf Head. New boardwalk protects the sensitive wetland.
  • Hikers reach the crest of the Sugarloaf, one of the highest points on the East Coast Trail.
  • Members of the St. Johnís City team stop for a photo above Robin Hood Bay.
  • Snacking at the newly cleaned area below the Robin Hood Bay Landfill. The sign was jointly sponsored by the City and the East Coast Trail Association.
  • Sugarloaf Head looms above Robin Hood Bay as hikers approach Small Point, the midpoint of the path.
  • Inspecting the remains of a World War II bunker at Small Point.
  • Newly constructed steps assist hikers climbing and descending the steep slopes of the White Hills, and prevent erosion from wear and tear.
  • Descent from Bawdens Highland to the Quidi Vidi gut, opposite Cuckholds Head. This is a new route designed to separate hikers from mountain bikers.
  • The new trail loops through a charming area above the Quidi Vidi gut.
  • A secluded, pristine pond above Quidi Vidi harbour.
  • Hikers descend past the harbour to the Quidi Vidi trailhead, 9 km from the start in Logy Bay.
  • Post-hike socializing at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall.
  • The all-important task of writing receipts for hundreds of donations. Nearly $30,000 was raised to support East Coast Trail development, maintenance and protection.
  • The Pickett Line play traditional tunes with verve to keep the crowd entertained.
  • Awaiting the Official Opening ceremony.
  • Municipal Affairs Minister Jack Byrne cuts the ribbon held by Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove Deputy Mayor David Walsh and St. Johnís Mayor Andy Wells. Looking on are Karen Skinner, Director of Community Development, ACOA, Randy Murphy, President, ECTA, and Mary Smyth, M.C.
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