Flanagans Hut and Baton Saddle
April 13-16, 2007    
  • Andy and Bill contemplating one of six Baton River crossings.
  • Baton River gorge.
  • Flanagans Hut is nicely situated at the bush edge five hours up the river.
  • Cozy Flanagans Hut.
  • For a remote hut, Flanagans is unusually well appointed.
  • Andy on the ridge top east of the hut.
  • Bill, mountain man.
  • Mark, suitably attired for chilly breezes on the ridge.
  • One of many fine <em>Dracophyllum traversii</em> above the hut.
  • Berry [to be identified].
  • Andy organizing dinner.
  • Andy in hot pursuit of a possum outside the hut. (The possum escaped.)
  • Setting out for a misty Baton Saddle through an interesting native 'orchard'.
  • A view of the saddle, a steep 500m climb through flax and speargrass.
  • On top of the saddle.
  • Looking into the headwaters of the Little Crow River, where Bill and Andy found the 'Ewers Hut'.
  • Wayne of the main ridge above the Little Crow.
  • Along the ridge near the Baton Saddle.
  • North side of the cirque at the head of the Baton.
  • A hanging tarn in the cirque.
  • Reflection in the tarn.
  • Subalpine tussock and reeds around the tarn.
  • Wayne takes a painful tumble in the speargrass. (No, this was not staged!)
  • Wayne, scarred but unbowed.
  • Parts of the track down the Baton have disappeared, possibly from massive slips after the 1929  Murchison earthquake.
  • One more river to cross.
  • Junction of the Baton and Loveridge Creek.
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