Diamond Lakes Club Trip
March 6 - 9, 2007    
  • Between Diamond and Ruby Lakes, considering a route to the ridge.
  • Dion and Dianna viewing Mt Snowdon.
  • Ruby Lake (and Snowdon).
  • Colourful scramble up the main ridge toward Mt Benson.
  • Mark on Mt Benson, Diamond Lake in the distance.
  • Diamond Lake in the distance; Ruby Lake hidden below the rocks.
  • Glistening Ruby Lake, true to its name!
  • A campfire was welcome in the alpine chill following sundown.
  • The camp weka, checking out Dion's tortellini.
  • Day 3: Diamond Lake, from camp, in the morning.
  • Beech forest on the lake edge.
  • Diamond Lake and the Mt Benson ridge (yesterday's route).
  • Heading up a steep spur to the Lockett ridge.
  • NW view from Lockett ridge, toward Mts Waingairo and Kakapo.
  • Arthur on Mt Lockett summit.
  • Lake Lockett, a jewel no less pretty than Ruby and Diamond, despite its prosaic name.
  • Another view NW toward the Douglas Range.
  • Lake Lockett, with the grassy Sylvester ridge behind, and the Arthur Range in the far distance.
  • Patterns in the scree above Lake Lockett. Iron Ridge in the distance.
  • Spur descending east of Lack Lockett.
  • Lockett and Diamond Lakes; Mt Prospect in the distance.
  • Lake Lockett, near very inviting camp locations.
  • Back at our Diamond Lake campsite, with time to enjoy the late afternoon sun.
  • Wind sculpted beech by the lake.
  • More beech.
  • The lake just after the sun dropped behind the distant ridge.
  • Day 4: Lake Lilly, nestled above Diamond Lake and below Iron Hill (on the left).
  • From the ridge, Mt Snowdon on the left, Lake Lockett on the right, and Mt Lockett in the centre.
  • Dianna edges around a tricky spot, with Lakes Lilly and Lockett below.
  • Sylvester, Little Sylvester and Iron Lakes from Iron Hill.
  • Along the contorted Iron Ridge. (Spot Dianna and Dion, centre-right.)
  • Arthur picking his way down the ridge among vegetable sheep.
  • Iron Lake, Lake Lockett, and Mt Snowdon poking up.
  • The upper Cobb Valley from Iron Hill.
  • Lake Sylvester, back by Iron Ridge.
  • Another view of Lake Sylvester.
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