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Diamond Lakes Recce March 25-26, 2007
  • Cobb Reservoir, with Sylvester Plateau beyond.
  • Sylvester Hut. The peaks behind are Hoary Head, Crusader, and McMahon.
  • Grassy ridge above Sylvester, Iron Ridge beyond.
  • Lake Sylvester, Arthur Range in distance.
  • Christine enjoying the view.
  • Alice beneath massive conglomerate formations typical of the Sylvester Lakes area.
  • Vegetable sheep and conglomerate rock.
  • Leatherwood?
  • Dawn at Sylvester Hut.
  • Sunrise from Sylvester Hut.
  • Sunrise from Sylvester Hut.
  • Taking the sunrise view are Alice, David and Christine.
  • Lake Sylvester.
  • Diamond Lake.
  • Another view of Diamond Lake.
  • Spaniard (speargrass) and red tussock were unusually lush between the lakes.
  • In the valley between Diamond and Ruby Lakes. <em>Hebe topiaria</em> amidst the tussock.
  • Hebe, tussock and flax in morning light.
  • Late blooming gentians.
  • View across the valley toward Ruby Lake and Mt Benson.
  • Ruby Lake is nestled (out of sight) above the bush-clad moraine below Mt Benson.
  • Return journey, sidling steeply difficult through flax and speargrass to pass Diamond Lake above the bush.
  • Another view back towards Ruby Lake and Mt Benson.
  • Diamond Lake.
  • Glimpses of Diamond and Lake Lockett.
  • Lake Lockett.
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